Karate for Children

At UBAKC, we believe that developing children mentally and physically with martial arts combat many issues face in today’s society.  Living in the tech capital of the world, we find a number of benefits and downfalls that children face with being exposed to electronics at such a young age.  20 years ago, parents did not have to beg their child to play outside and have physical activity.  Now, the common parent of Silicon Valley finds hardship in getting their kids to put down their cell phone to go play with friends.

UBAKC promises to get every student a fun and productive class, learning the ancient art of karate, a way of self- defense and a way of life.

Little Dragons (4- 6 years old)

Language, vision, emotions and fine motor coordination all continue to emerge and develop richer complexity during this time period.  So, learning a second language as well as skills like drawing, playing an instrument, and learning self- defense are easiest during the first decade of life.

In this program, students will find themselves learning basic mobility, martial arts, and life skills needed to know how to identify dangerous situations and know protect themselves from predators.  The class also serves as a foundation for social development with other peers their age and engage in a fun and safe environment.

Karate Conditioning Class

This program incorporates strength and conditioning along with body coordination and mobility.  This conditioning class will enhance student’s physical performance and will prepare students for the athletic requirements of karate.  Conditioning is essential to have for all levels and yields for better health and better performance in karate and supports a background in other sports.

Kumite Class

The kumite (sparring) class incorporates controlled combat between students.  Students learn awareness and importance of basics learned in the general classes.

General Class (7 and up)

In this program, students learn more in-depth karate skills while building a strong mind and body.  The curriculum is broken down to teach students blocks, strikes, and kicks; and then moving into the walking movement and forms.  This program is designed to teach students the martial arts way and how ancient Japanese culture has fed into breeding confident and respectful individuals.

Kata Class

Kata are the combined walking movements after months spent on learning kihon (foundational movements).  This class is focused on teaching students the different forms required for each new ranking.