Why San Jose’s best schools work with United Bay Area Karate Clubs

What is the difference between us and other martial arts schools?

Our interest in our students is pedagogical vs. commercial. The potential of what students will learn and can accomplish with the help of our programs is priceless. Some of San Jose’s best organizations, schools and learning centers have recognized the benefits of our program and partnered up with us. 


We teach students how to thrive and succeed.


Schools & Learning Centers​

  • Improved assertiveness while reducing aggressiveness
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Improved grades and behavior
  • Goal setting and goal achievement
  • Life skills
  • Improved self-confidence and self-control
  • Improved self-esteem


Our After-School Enrichment Program offers a fun and interesting after-school activitiy to keep children busy and fit. Parents who have signed up their children for our After-School Martial Arts Program are pleased that their kids are using their free time productively. There are many schools in San Jose that have approached us to provide after-school enrichment training and benefited from our services.    Students can expect quality karate instruction as members of this program. Acquiring training in martial arts techniques and improving fitness levels will help kids develop a sense of satisfaction and achievement. An important lesson which kids will learn is that karate techniques should only be used within the training facility premises or in genuine self-defense. Martial arts training helps kids become responsible and self-confident.  Karate workouts help children develop coordination while boosting balance, vigor, and flexibility. Our after-school program also boasts a belt system. This is to ensure that every student is progressing every day. The award of different belts motivates children to work harder and focus on achieving their goals. Training in karate shapes the personality of young kids and prepares them to excel in all spheres of life as grown-ups.

If your school is interested in offering an enrichment program at your school with United Bay Area Karate Clubs please contact us at: